Ludum Dare 25 Post Mortem

1 min read

This was my first time participating in a game jam. The jam was a blast, although I didn’t like the theme: You are the villain. I spent the first hour brainstorming ideas for the theme and ended with a space shooter where you shoot at defenseless transport ships.

The source, the timelapse. I didn’t publish a playable version, yet. You can get it from github and swap out the music that’s missing, to make it run.


What was good

What went wrong

Too many firsts

At the end I lost my motivation to finish it

Therefore, the last sequence isn’t implemented and the game doesn’t really end. I am not sure how to stay motivated until the end, next time.

I focused too much on the story instead of making the game work

I want to blame this on the topic for this Ludum Dare. I had a story in mind where the player controls an alien spaceship, shooting at humans. It turned out, that it was difficult to distinguish between aliens and humans. Therefore, I put in a lot of text that explains who you (the player) are.

Maybe there are better way to do this, but a space shooter where you are the villain was probably a bad idea in the first place.

The overall gameplay and mechanics are lacking

Admittedly, I am not a game designer - rather a programmer. But I should put some more effort into this area next time.

26 Dec 2012