PiDefender Week 1

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Originally, this was going to be called HeartDefender, but I had to ditch the Heart because my time this month in somewhat limited. Now it’s just circles. Anyway, here’s PiDefender:

Screenshot showing the game  Screenshot showing the game

The player is using the mouse to control his ship. This, in turn, controls the cannon, which is the primary weapon against the enemies. The player has to guide the cannon while avoiding the enemies.

The game is obviously a work in progress. Both graphics wise and gameplay wise. At the end of January, there will be multiple enemy types and different ammunition types to choose from. The rest is just juice that’s missing.

Running the game

  1. If you don’t have Love2D installed, download it here and install it first.
  2. Download the .love file.

To run the game:

06 Jan 2013