PiDefender Week 2

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I had more important stuff to work on, this week. It’s the usual madness at the end of every semester. Projects piling up and exams are coming closer each day. So I have to commit a lot of time to that. Luckily, I’m done with almost all of the projects, so I can focus on learning and finishing PiDefender.

Due to that I cut down on a lot of stuff I was going to do with PiDefender. Here’s a list of what initially was going to be in, but now isn’t making it:

Did I mention that I switched to Linux Mint + dwm? This made me realize that the game crashes on Linux. So far, I didn’t really investigate the crash, but I honestly have no clue why that happens. It’s running fine on Windows and LÖVE claims to work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

That’s also the reason why there is no download this week. However, if you feel adventurous, you can still download the source, .zip it, rename it to .love and run it. (Make sure that main.lua is at the root of the .zip file)

What’s left to do

Increasing difficulty. I want this game to be more challenging!

I want to add one more enemy type, sort of like a strategic bomber:

I also want to add an AOE weapon for the player:

See you next week!

13 Jan 2013