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My forever project

At the end of January, I started working on a sidescroller game. That was a mistake. I have never written a sidescroller before. So there were a lot of unexpected problems. First I got stuck on the camera system. I looked at other games and their implementations until I finally got a camera system working. Then I got stuck with collision detection. And how on earth would I implement the parallax scrolling? What about level design, animations, audio and story?

Additionally, I started learning for my upcoming university tests.

I knew I wasn’t going to finish it in time for the February deadline of OneGameAMonth.

The solution

The solution was simple, literally.

Here’s the Connect-Four clone I worked on in the past two days. It’s not impressive or pretty, but I finished it in time.


screenshot screenshot

Running the game

  1. If you don’t have Love2D installed, download it here and install it first.
  2. Download the .love file.

To run the game:

28 Feb 2013